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Clinical Loewald: Part I

Gil Katz, Ph.D. & Natasha Black, Ph.D.  

Clinical Loewald: Part II

Alfred Margulies, M.D. & Joseph Giardino, Ph.D.

Clinical Loewald: Part III

Theodore Jacobs, M.D. & Masha Mimran, Ph.D., L.P.

Clinical Loewald: Part IV

Matthew Shaw, Ph.D., Rosemary Balsam, Ph.D., Lawrence Levenson, M.D., & Elizabeth Brett, Ph.D.

Sociocultural Loewald: Part I

"Perspectives on Social Justice: The 'Ghost' of Race in Psychoanalysis" - Carlos Padrón, MA, MPhil, LP, in discussion with Marsh Levy-Warren, PhD

Sociocultural Loewald: Part II

"Tasting Blood: Ethics and Religion as Vital Encounters in Psychoanalysis" - Jenifer Nields, MD, and Sarah Ackerman, PhD. Moderator: Jennifer Myer, MD

Sociocultural Loewald: Part III

"The Origins of Language and Relatedness: Loewald's Mostly Prophetic Vision of Infancy" - Jeanine Vivona, PhD

Interpsychic Loewald: Part I

"On Ghosts, Underinternalizations, and the Interpsychic," Margery Kalb, Psy.D., in discussion with Timothy Rayner, M.D. Moderated by Joseph Giardino, Ph.D.

Interpsychic Loewald: Part II

"Interpsychic and Permeability Toward the Other," Stefano Bolognini, M.D., in discussion with Elizabeth Brett, Ph.D. Moderated by Gil Katz, Ph.D.

Interpsychic Loewald: Part III

"The Interpretive Process," Neal Vorus, Ph.D. in discussion with Matthew Von Unwerth, Ph.D., L.P., F.I.P.A. Moderated by Gil Katz, Ph.D.